Slovak Matchmaking Fair Bratislava 2019
3IPK, a.s.

3IPK, a.s.

Slovakia, Bratislava
Ms. Mária Čápová, CEO

About Us

3IPK develops Software as a service (SaaS) platform to facilitate aerospace certification, secured engineering and qualification data management as well as components originality fingerprinting system. It allows full data and physical components traceability around the whole product lifecycle based on our proprietary blockchain protocol called DCore. Leveraging the features of blockchain such as immutability of data, automating certification processes and related project management, reliability of aircraft components track & trace, we believe that our solution has the potential to make the engineering and industrial process more efficient. We are not limited only to aerospace industry, similar industries such a defense or nuclear can also benefit from our solution. Moreover, our solution can also be applicable to food originality and provenance proving and supply chain transparency increase.

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We are looking for potential customers that could implement our SaaS Solution based on blockchain for process automation, increased transparency, data security and immutability, traceability and efficiency in industrial environment of aerospace or similar industry. Concerning our existing blockchain solution for food provenance tracking and supply chain transparency we are looking for more clients to use our solution for their products globally (food and beverages). We are also seeking partnerships with a possibility to open new segments and markets for us and potential suppliers for hardware parts of our solution as well as R&D partners and investors.


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Ms. Mária Čápová CEO